Machine Learning

What is intelligence? It’s the ability to take different directions (solving) to maintain (defense) or reach something (expanding).

It’s real machine thinking, because it has great qualities by providing good understanding, capable to enhance things and inspire us.

Research areas …

Naive Bayes

It’s simple probabilistic classifier. In this area we are enhancing dataset, called dataset preprocessing. Including dataset optimizer, dataset synchronization.

Dataset optimizer means, reducing dataset even lower compared to the query. While dataset synchronizer will update sentiment analysis depending on the environment.

SVM - Support Vector Machine

While mostly and in general, it’s common to use different kernel to analyze different cases on machine learning analysis. But we are stepping further into deep understanding to deliver universal kernel. Where we only need one kernel for all of SVM calculations.

Currently under intensive research

What else ...

More and more we are expanding our research. But the main core is, developing most sophisticated machine thinking ever build.