Simply put, we are open minded, voyagers and dreamers.

There is no fancy here, only simplicity that tremendously tackle most crucial obstacles in our current research areas.

With your help we will expand this website as private/public services for machine learning at world class level. Private means all algorithms based on our intense research.

We hope we can run a startup for machine learning.

2 parts:

– First for education: at this stage all kind of public knowledge about machine learning will be converted to python source code and we can execute it for the result.

– There will be online services for sentiment analysis and more, based on our research.

Generally, academic / beginner / artificial enthusiast can copy paste the source code for accelerate learning, while on the other side people could gain benefit by using our free/paid service using machine learning.

It’s like twitter, facebook or similar, the only different is we run it for machine learning, where people could get real benefit from machine learning through online access. They can upload dataset and use our services to determine the result. We will provide this task in a very basic way that would make people having understanding about machine learning easily, just like facing any other social media websites.

You can help this project by donating to us. Notify us by filling the form on contact page.