What is intelligence?

Judging from (living being & non-organic object or other material).

  • Living things or organic beings, intelligence, is an act of defense that can maintain the viability of an organism or living things(their selves). Similarly, a smart community can defend the community itself from collapsing.
  • Non-organic objects or other material, the material is not a smart thing, but you will see the intelligence behind the material if it’s capable of moving or able to make the movement from a starting point to another point and can go back to the original point. The more perfect of a movement of a material in a circular pattern, the greater the intelligence behind the material.


1. Birds migrate and back again …

2. Computer is an objects that can be directed to form a loop. If the computer is not damaged and showed the ability to make a circular pattern, it appeared there is intelligence behind the computer (in this case, who activate the computer, or someone makes a computer).

—– Objection: the wind swirl, disaster from tornado, does it mean tornado smart? or is there something smart behind the tornado? It’s natural, because of the law of physics.

Yes, but somehow the law of physics created a swirl, which it can be considered there has to be relation with intelligence (there is a kind of intelligence behind it).

The reason behind this assertion is, BY COMPARISON TO OUR LIFE EXPERIENCES (since this is the closest things to ourselves where we can learn from it), that, human itself to be considered as smart or at least has capability to do smart, and we can form a circular better than most “living being” that we know (unless we found another “living being” doing the same capability as human did, maybe this living being is smart as human, closer or even better).

The simplest appearance of intelligence is similar to a sweep of the circular trajectory. Reason behind this, because life is always something moving, then after something is moving, the momentum will continue in a linear direction or headed in different directions. If the movement similar to linear, then it might be smarter or may not be smart. But if it is against momentum and form a resistance movement in a circular pattern, something that not only has the power of resistance to a certain extent, but something that also has the will, which is indicates an intelligence.

The larger the area of the movement to form a circular pattern, or the neat form of circular pattern, or circular movement involves an object that is getting bigger, then this is all also determine how big the accuracy as well as the strength of an intelligence.

Intelligence is the ability to take different directions to maintain or reach something.

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