What is universe?

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Many world interpretation

Holographic universe or anything similar to these

Those  information on that links (for the whole parts or some of it) may or  may not be the same compared to my descriptions here. Probably  you will notice where the different is or where the sameness is. Please  notify me for the differentiation or the sameness one to another.


There  is only one universe as myself, but there could be multiple universes  inside myself. These universes are possibilities, but there is only huge  universe as myself.

Compared to others, there are  more universes as many as themselves. I am using parable in this case.  It’s not a complete substitution but at least closer to understand for  what i meant.

Imagine these:

  • There  is water, and from water we can see an ice ball. Single ice ball would  be considered as a border of universe for myself. Inside an ice ball  there is a little bit liquidity and it called my consciousness. Multiply  it for any of us. So if there are billion people, then there are  billion of a kind of ice balls.
  • What we  perceive as living, it’s differentiation from one state to another state  of liquidity in the middle of my own ice ball (this ice causes a sense  of territory – I am not you).
  • Universe is not the ice ball, but it’s one of possible differentiation of a state of liquidity in the middle of my ice ball.
  • If  there is another observer (it’s me or you) directs his perceptions at  the coordinates of the location, then at the speed of light or almost  instantaneously or simultaneously, there would be” copy and paste ‘of  such material (“x”) reflected to the universe of the observer, so that  the observer will see the material (“x”) with slightly different based  on different points of view.
  • When you are  touching your friend, then there is a changing of liquidity  (consciousness) in the middle of your ice ball and giving you perception  that there is you and your friend and you are trying to touch your  friend. On another ice ball owned by (as) your friend, there will be  synchronized to your action, so if you succeed touched your friend, then  inside your friend’s ice ball, there will be a changing of liquidity  (consciousness) that reflects your friend is being touched by you.

In Other Words:

  • When  we didn’t interact with someone, then there is no changing (relevantly)  on the state of consciousness from someone else (that has a chance to  be interacted with us), but once we did interact with someone then  probably there was a chance for the changing on the state of  consciousness from someone else as a reflection of the interaction in  between us and someone else.
  • Or, if in  between us we were not watching each other, then there would be no  significant changing on our consciousness that reflect our interaction  (but our potentiality of our presences were exist but not yet to be  manifested, not yet to be perceived by ourselves), and when i was  watching you, then suddenly i could see you (you were materialized on my  perception) and almost instantly on your consciousness there was  changing of the state of your consciousness where myself was  materialized on your perception.
  • There is  no causality (that can be observed empirically) inside your universe  (yourself). Causality (that can be observed empirically) is between my  universe and yours to control how something should be related.

We Are All Connected Each Other

  • It  has meaning that in one (single) universe there is only me (one  consciousness) and no one else (no other consciousness). Every creature  (that has consciousness) has its own single universe. For just one  (single) universe, there is only one consciousness, but there maybe many  events or similar in one universe.
  • So,  (if there are outsider) observing multiple universes, then the outsider  will only see all changing consciousness as one (single) scenario. of  life. Its like giant puzzle.
  • There  will be no duplication for each of us. That is why i disbelieve with MWI  (many world interpretation). Also i disbelieve parallel universes as  mentioned generally.

Parallel Universes

If  someday we found ourselves in another parallel universe (in the sense  that we can observe another universe of your friend or else), then only  we are as living being with consciousness, another you (other than  yourself while reading this) never equipped with consciousness.

Many  world in my version assert the fact that for each of universe donates  one (single) actor (consciousness). For each of the existing universe,  contributing only one (single) consciousness (me or you, or him, or her,  or other living being) joined with others to form a big event  (scenario, movement, causality etc) with no duplication.

Its  like we are playing online game, each of us has its own display with  our own avatar. But on the other side (your friend while interact with  you) has its own appearance on its own display. My display and another  display owned by my friend (while doing interaction with me) has  different appearance, but both displays are SYNCHRONIZING each other  (which may be known as CAUSALITY, that can be observed empirically). And  for each of display connected only to one (single) consciousness (in  this analogy similar to myself as a player).

Synchronizing Each Other

Why  there is no single causality (that can be observed empirically) inside  your universe ? Because we can not observe ourselves, since observer and  what is being observed is in unity, but the interaction between us  indicates there is observer (the player) and something that being  observed (as a result of the synchronization) between one universe to  another universe (in interaction between you and me).


Causality  in this understanding is the kind of a sequence from whole scenario to  the next of the whole scenario. It’s like we are watching films, frame  by frame, where the causality can’t be found within a frame (whole  scenario, details) but we can find it outside the frames, where these  (causalities) control what frame should be involved for the next  session.

Empty Space In Universe

Empty  space within universe is not nothingness. If there is a process that  could lead to something toward the zero condition, where all particles  motion stop COMPLETELY, then it turned into something we recognize as  empty space.

If we are able to raise just a little  movement using (Just) empty space, then a specific area as an empty  space will be visible, manifest as a certain material (and take a form  relevantly to the circumstances of the movement).

In  terms of awareness, along with the collapse of something toward the  zero condition, where all particle motion stops completely, then it  turned into something we recognize as empty space.

If  we are able to control our consciousness and is able to strengthen the  will, somehow we can transform the space into a particular matter.

In  other words, empty space is solid. Empty space is not nothingness,  otherwise there is nothingness within not nothingness, which is  impossible, since nothingness can’t separate reality.

The Smallest

The  more we go into the particles, then the final frontier of particle is  not the smallest particle (or the smallest of something), but closest to  the smallest one is something as functions or further if we can go  deeper and deeper, the smallest one is emptiness (space).


  • What is universe? It’s the state of our consciousness

Just  by observing, there will be (at speed, almost) instantly a changing of  the state of our consciousness. It asserts that in between us and  objects that we observed are very closely one to another that can be  considered as (closer to) unite (on spiritual term, it will be summed up  as unite, that objects are within ourselves)

Well, it’s rather provoking, but perhaps it’s good enough as a modelling to understand reality, or maybe not at all

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