Is there immaterial realm?

If  we were dreaming, our consciousness or  ourselves were trapped within  dream realm. At that case, if we consider  dream realm is illusion or  less real than our waking life, then we can  say that ourselves is less  real. If we can live with that then we found  thing that is less real  which it’s ourselves.
On   the opposite, if we consider that our consciousness were real while we   were inside dream realm, then dream realm was real. Why? Because there   is no way for real thing could be trapped within illusion unless we   consider this illusion was capable functioning as the real one.

So,   in a short, in any way we can think of it, there is immaterial thing   which is dream realm. Or we can say there is more than this real waking   life. Or we can say there is another reality as another dimension as   real as our waking life, in the sense that we could be influenced, we   could be trapped, we could interact within it … and so forth.

The   problem in this case is that, on dream realm, visualization or   interactions are unstable, or we might say, it’s easily changing to   different life forms. But that doesn’t have to be considered as less   real or not real than our waking life. We  better say that there is  another realm with different laws of  “physics” that typically on its own  realm which to be considered easily  to be changed, rather than saying  it’s not real and that’s not real. I prefer to say that there is no less real in the universe, but there is only degree of reality depending upon our perception.

Is there immaterial realm? Yes, there is!

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